Telescopic handlers

Renting telescopic handlers with mateco will provide your company with very consistent and highly stable machinery, capable of carrying out work at height.

We work with one of the most recognized brands in the market: MANITOU, which have great functionality and agility to work on elevated areas.

The rent price of a telescopic handler varies according to the model and the characteristics of the machinery. Quote without obligation!

Type Manufacturer Working Height Capacity Reach Transport dimensions
maxmaxmax Height Weight
MT 1440MANITOU 13.53 m 4.00 t 9.46 m 2.45 m 10940 kg PDF Request
MT 1840MANITOU 17.50 m 4.00 t 12.80 m 2.50 m 11870 kg PDF Request


  • Brand: MANITOU
  • Working height: Up to 13.53  meters
  • Load capacity: Up to 4.00 T
  • Price from: Request Quote


  • Brand: MANITOU
  • Working height: Up to 17.50  meters
  • Load capacity: Up to 4.00 T
  • Price from: Request Quote

What are Telehandlers?

Telehandlers are mechanical lifting machines used to lift and move heavy loads within a limited range of motion. 

They consist of an articulated arm with several telescopic sections that extend and contract to increase or decrease the length of the arm. Currently, they are used in the industry to move materials.

What is a Manitou machine?

It is machinery designed to lift, handle and transport heavy and large-volume loads in the construction, agriculture, industrial maintenance and logistics industries.

How much weight does a Manitou lift?

The weight a Manitou can lift depends on the specific model and the technical specifications. 

Manitou offers a wide variety of telehandlers with load capacities ranging from 1.5 tons to over 30 tons. For example, the MT 1440 and MT 1840 models that we have at mateco have a load capacity of 4 tons and a height of up to 17.50 meters.

Telescopic Handlers:  Features

Telehandlers have several important features:

  • The main boom of the telescopic handler is made up of several telescopic sections that extend and contract to increase or decrease the length of the boom.
  • The load capacity is the maximum amount of weight that the telescopic handler can lift, this may vary depending on the model.
  • Thereach is the maximum distance that the articulated arm of the telescopic handler can reach.
  • The lift speed is the rate at which the telehandler arm can lift a load.

Many telehandlers have the option of being remotely controlled via a remote control for ease of operation.

How much does it cost to rent Telehandlers?

Quote now in our mateco assistant, and obtain rates adapted to your needs. We give you the opportunity to rent Telehandlers with established rates per day, week or month. 

How do Telescopic Handlers work?

The telescopic handlers are machines that use a system of several mobile extendable tubes to reach and move objects in hard-to-reach areas.

These tubes, also known as telescopic arms, are extended and contracted using hydraulics or electrical mechanisms to increase or decrease their length. 

What kind of Telescopic Handlers do I need?

The choice of the type of telescopic handler will depend on several factors, such as the size and weight of the load to be handled, the available work space, and the specific characteristics of the tasks to be performed

 Here are some of the more common types of telehandlers:

  1. Telescopic Platform Handlers: These handlers are equipped with a lifting platform that the operator can climb onto to reach hard-to-reach places. 
  2. Telescopic load handlers: These handlers are designed to move heavy and bulky loads. 
  3. High Reach Telehandlers: These handlers have a much higher reach than other types of handlers, and are used in applications such as high-rise construction, industry, and agriculture.
  4. Precision telehandlers: These manipulators are equipped with special tools that allow them to perform precise and delicate tasks.
  5. Telescopic Scissor Handlers: These handlers have multiple articulated arms that can be folded and extended like a scissor, allowing them to reach hard-to-reach places.

It is important to note that each type of telehandler has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to select the one that best suits your specific needs.