Tracked platform rentals have become an increasingly popular option in the construction industry due to their versatility on a variety of projects. These machines provide safe and stable access to elevated or hard-to-reach work areas. They are ideal for working on uneven terrain or unstable surfaces.

If you want to rent this quality tracked platform at the best price, request a quote at mateco where we will assist you without obligation and offer personalized advice.

Plataformas sobre orugas

Type Manufacturer Working Height Capacity Reach Transport dimensions
maxmaxmax Weight
X17J JLG 16.81 m 2.10 t 7.10 m 200 kg Request
X26J JLG 25.60 m 4.37 t 13.75 m 230 kg Request


Brand: JLG

Working height: Up to 16.81 meters

Load capacity: Up to 200 kg

Price from: Request a quote


Brand: JLG

Working height: Up to 25.60 meters

Load capacity: Up to 230 kg

Price from: Request a quote

How much does it cost to rent a crawler lift?

At mateco we have very competitive prices for lifting platform rentals. We invite you to use our virtual assistant to quote your budget without any commitment.

For that, you only have to place the model of the crawler platform you want to rent, the time that the rental of the machinery will last and that's it.

In a few minutes the assistant will show you the quote you requested. It is important that you keep in mind that you can quote to rent our machines on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. 

In this way, the prices will adapt to your needs. 

What is a crawler lift?

Tracked platforms are a type of lifting machinery that operate by means of a system of tracks or chains that allow them to move easily. 

Thus, these electric platforms can be moved without inconvenience because they adapt to uneven terrain or obstacles. Thanks to the fact that they distribute the weight evenly to offer stability.

On the other hand, these lifting platforms have articulated or telescopic arms that will help you reach different heights and angles during a job. 

Generally, these platforms are used in building maintenance, construction and industry. Especially since they make work easier when it comes to lifting loads to great heights that require mobility and versatility, preventing workers from being injured.

How does a tracked lift work?

A platform on tracks operates by means of an electric or diesel motor that drives the tracks and the lifting arm. 

The motors have a control system that helps to set the direction of movement of your arm, the height of the angle and its speed. Thus, you can adapt this lifting platform according to the ground conditions and your needs.

It is worth mentioning that the user of the tracked platform can control this lifting machine from a basket or cabin located at the end of the arm, where it has a control panel with buttons or levers.

Some crawler platforms have safety systems such as sensors, alarms, limiters or emergency stops to prevent accidents or damage.

What kind of crawler do I need?

There are different types of crawler dollies that you can rent, but the best option for you will depend on your particular needs. 

Some considerations that you should keep in mind when renting crawler platforms are the following:

  • The type of work: you must define the scope of the work to be carried out at height. For example, if it is a maintenance, installation, cleaning, or painting job. This will determine the type of tracked platform that is needed, whether it is articulated, telescopic or mixed.
  • Available space: you must measure the space where the work is going to be carried out and the terrain through which the crawler platform is going to be accessed. For example, if there are doors, corridors, stairs or ramps. Because, these factors will determine the size and weight of the tracked platform that can be used, as well as its ability to maneuver and fold.
  • The budget: to know your budget you can use the quote that we offer to mateco without obligation. But, first you must take into account if it is a one-off or recurring job and if transportation or maintenance costs are included. 
  • The height of work : check the height that the platform on tracks can reach, since this varies according to the model and the type of arm that this platform has. There are even some that can reach up to 40 meters. In other words, you must rent the type of tracked platform that has the appropriate height for the work you are going to do.
  • Load capacity: It is important to ask yourself what maximum weight can the basket or cabin of the crawler platforms you want to rent support? This can vary between 200 kg and 400 kg. However, consider the weight of the material, tools to be used, and the user. 

What are the advantages of a tracked platform compared to one on wheels?

First of all, crawler platforms have greater stability and they adapt more easily to uneven terrain than platforms than one on wheels. Consequently, these lifting platforms will allow you to access places where one on wheels could not reach or have difficult access. 

Second, a crawler dolly typically weighs less and is smaller than decks on wheels, making it easier to transport and store.

What is the load capacity of a Tracked Platform?

The loading capacity of tracked platforms will depend on various factors, including the model and size of this machinery. Although, commonly its capacity can vary between 200 kg and 400 kg. However, there are models and brands that offer a load capacity of up to 600 kg, so it is important that you look for an electric platform that suits your needs and that has enough capacity to support the weight you want to lift.