Do you need to rent a platform on a van? Are you looking for the most famous brands on the market? We can help you with this. At mateco we have all kinds of van lifts with the quality that only VERSALIFT can offer.

We have a new model of platform on van, ideal for working without stabilizers. It is a closed vehicle that will allow you to carry all kinds of materials and will facilitate almost any task.

Quote without obligation the rental of platforms on a van and improve the profitability of your projects with us. We have large capacity machines, designed for the most demanding customers.

Plataformas sobre furgón

Type Manufacturer Working Height Capacity Reach Transport dimensions
maxmaxmax Weight
TEL-29-I VERSALIFT 10.36 m 136 kg 3.30 m 6600 kg Request
VANTEL-29-NE VERSALIFT 10.60 m 159 kg 3.30 m 6600 kg Request

Platforms on Van available for rent



Working height: Up to 10.36 meters

Load capacity: Up to 136 kg

Price from: Request a quote



Working height: Up to 10.60 meters

Load capacity: Up to 159 kg

Price from: Request a quote

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Truck Platform?

A platform on a van is a machine that has an ideal basket to transport operators. It is usually the solution for those companies that need to carry out work in cities (outside) or in reduced spaces. 

They are isolated platforms and are mounted on agile vans, which allows them to reach any urban point where they are required. They are a type of machinery that is used to transport in the city but not on difficult terrain. 

A van platform is perfect for carrying out maintenance, electricity, telecommunications and much more.

How much does it cost to rent a Platform on Van?

At mateco we have an assistant who can help you quote a platform on a van with us. Our specialized tool quotes the rental of the machinery you are looking for according to your own needs and those of your business.

To make use of our mateco assistant you must fill out a simple form where you indicate the type of machinery you wish to rent, the requirements you are requesting (height, load capacity and type of engine) as well as your contact information.

Once you submit the form, our agents will contact you to set up a quote. You can adapt the rent to daily, weekly or monthly rates, you decide.

We help you simplify the operating costs in your workplace. Our assistant mateco arrived to make your life easier.

How does a Platform on Van work?

Its operation is based on the installation of an arm with a lifting basket in the van. They are usually of a reduced weight and size to improve their speed and load capacity. 

They have some emergency systems to avoid manipulation or unwanted blows. Its command controls are designed to facilitate the use of the van. Therefore, the van is 100% operable while the platform is in use. This is reflected in the controls of these platforms, they are so simple that they can be operated with one hand.

Because they have such a compact size, they are ideal for daily tasks in busy urban areas or roads where there can be no interruption of traffic. 

What kind of Platform Truck do I need?

There are many different types of truck or van mounted aerial platforms. However, they can be divided into two main categories: Articulating platforms and telescopic platforms.

In any case, both categories allow the lifting of the operators to reach various heights in complete safety and with the maximum possible precision. Let's see their main differences:

  • Articulated platforms: They extend both vertically and horizontally, depending on the brand and model, they can exceed up to 40 meters.
  • Telescopic platforms. They are installed on a swivel base and their extensions allow straight and direct lifting. Ideal for reaching very high work areas. Some models of these platforms have an extension called "Jib" and bring the operator closer to work places that are unreachable to the naked eye.

What is the load capacity of a Van Platform?

It will depend exclusively on the model you choose, on average, the basket can transport from 100 kg to 600 kg, this divided between operators and materials.

At mateco, we have at your disposal Versalift van lifts that have a load capacity ranging from 136 kg to 159 kg.