Electrical Articulated Platforms

Theelectric articulated platform is an ideal machine for carrying out activities at heights of an industrial or construction type indoors or in enclosed spaces. In addition to cleaning and organizing events.

With this machinery, you can reach from 12 to 16 meters in height and transport a load of between 200 and 300 kilos.

Renting an electric articulated platform is a comfortable and economical option. Quote the rental service without obligation!

Type Manufacturer Working Height Capacity Reach Transport dimensions
maxmaxmax Height Weight
Z-34/22NGENIE 12.52 m 227 kg 6.78 m 2.00 m 5178 kg PDF Request
Z-45/25 J DCGENIE 15.94 m 227 kg 7.65 m 2.00 m 7394 kg PDF Request

Electric Articulating Booms for Rent

GENIE Z-34/22N

  • Brand: Genie
  • Working height: Up to 12.52 meters
  • Load capacity: Up to 227 kg
  • Price from:Request Quote


  • Brand: Genie
  • Working height: Up to 15.94 meters
  • Load capacity: Up to 227 kg
  • Price from: Request Quote

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent an Electric Articulating Platform?

In mateco you can find great offers for the rental of electric articulated platforms, you just have to enter the page of mateco assistant and fill in all the requested information so that you can obtain a personalized quote.

You should keep in mind that our rates vary depending on the number of machines, time of use, location, among other important characteristics. Additionally, you can get daily, weekly or monthly quotes.

What is an Electric Articulated Platform?

The electric articulated platform is a machine that works with an engine driven by electricity and not by combustion. Its use is ideal for industrial remodeling, cleaning and construction work in closed spaces that require great heights and both vertical and horizontal mobility.

How does an Electric Articulated Platform work?

The use of the electric articulated platform is ideal for stable terrain, due to its articulated functionality that allows its arm to be moved vertically or horizontally, reaching ideal heights for indoor work and also allows overcome some obstacles that arise during the activity.

Its electric motor allows it to be friendly to the environment, since it does not need combustion to work, in the same way, it is silent, which allows greater comfort and rest for workers as well as for those people outside the project.

This machinery is safe for industrial use, it allows the worker to move comfortably throughout the work area.

What type of Articulating Platform do I need?

Today, you can find two types of articulated boom lifts: with electric or diesel motors. Their usefulness will depend on the type of work that is required to be carried out. If it is outdoors, it is ideal to use the articulated diesel platform but, if you need a comfortable platform for work indoors or closed spaces, the electric articulated platform allows better performance of the work.

How many kilos can an electric articulated platform support?

The electric articulated platform has a capacity to support between 200 kg and 300 kilograms.

What do I need to rent an electric articulated lift?

In mateco, renting an electric articulated platform is very simple, you just have to indicate the requirements that the articulated platform you want to rent must meet:

  • Motor type (electric, diesel, hybrid)
  • Working height.
  • Horizontal reach.
  • Load capacity.

Additionally, you must indicate the date from which you wish to rent the machinery, address and contact details. Once you send us the form, we will send you a personalized quote.