Are you looking for mixed backhoes to rent? Here we can help you. With Mateco's backhoe loaders you can do many jobs related to earth movements, easily and quickly.

Our backhoes are ideal for ramping and trenching for cables, drains, pipes and much more. You will have the guarantee and security that only an international brand such as MANITOU can offer.

We can advise you in the search for your new backhoe to rent, you just have to contact us through our quote form.

Retroexcavadoras mixtas

Type Manufacturer Lifting Height Capacity Reach Transport dimensions
maxmaxmax Weight
GBL-X-920GEHL 4.23 m 7.62 t 1.15 m 3819 kg PDF Request

Combined Backhoes available for rent

MANITOU - GBL-X 920 92P ST2 S1

  • Brand: MANITOU
  • Empty weight with 4 WD : 7,620 Kg
  • Total height: 3.79 m
  • Price from: Srequest a quote

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mixed Backhoe?

It is a piece of machinery that has a front loader on one side, a backhoe on the other end, and a cab in the center. In addition, they have a rotating seat so that the operator can maneuver without problems.

The front loader has a large capacity and allows you to level, pick up, push and load various materials. Now, it is known as a backhoe because the loader backs up when digging into the ground. That is, create openings in the terrain from top to bottom.

If we have to see the work of a backhoe from a technical point of view, it means that the machine enters the ground from the furthest point and leaves from a closer one.

They are ideal for difficult terrain and places where other machines cannot reach. They have a lot of power and their handling is considered to be precise. In addition, they offer four-wheel drive. 

How much does it cost to rent a Mixed Backhoe?

The cost of a backhoe rental will depend on your specific needs. Our quotes can be personalized according to your requirements. We offer equipment rental on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, you decide.

If you want to know the price of your request, we advise you to use the mateco assistant. You just have to fill out a quote form, indicating the type of machine you require, the number of days you need it and any relevant characteristics that help us choose the best machinery for you.

Keep in mind that, in the application you must leave us your contact information, such as telephone or email. Once you send the quote form, one of our advisors will contact you as soon as possible to advise you on your search.

How does a Mixed Backhoe work?

The operation of a backhoe is reversed. The machine always enters the terrain from the furthest point and surfaces from the closest. That is why they have great performance in complex works, especially infrastructure maintenance.

They are not the largest equipment on the market and this is an advantage because they become versatile machines. They do not need to be transported on platforms, they can circulate freely on public roads with their respective permits.

What are the uses of Mixed Backhoes?

Its main use is reflected in the construction of civil works. Also, it is used to transport heavy material from one point to another. And it makes it easy to get almost any demolition job done quickly and easily. 

They are usually great road, urban planning and sanitation solutions. Good companions to remove trees and elements that make it difficult to walk on public roads. They are loading machines that improve work performance when it comes to road design and rainwater settling on any terrain.

What are the accessories of a Backhoe Loader?

Attachments you can use with a backhoe may vary by model. Let's see the most common:

  • Jacket bucket. It is direct mounting and is designed according to the model. It can be used as a digging bucket or as a hydraulic clamp. It is robust and highly resistant to wear.
  • Hydraulic Hammer. It is a tool for use in confined spaces, pavements or any other demolition task. 
  • Cleaning bucket-spoon. It is mainly used in cleaning canals and any other work that involves clean water. Its side buckets are suitable for special material loads.
  • Auger . Draws plumb lines on uneven terrain, specifically on rocks and asphalt.
  • Ripper tooth. Specially designed for demolition and construction works. Its uses are multiple.

What is the load capacity of a Mixed Backhoe Loader?

It will depend on the model you want to rent. In general, the mixed backhoe loaders can support between 1,000 and 7,500 kg. For the most part, they all have off-road traction on their pneumatic wheels.