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Generadores eléctricos

Type Manufacturer Capacity
C80D6CUMMINS 1.50 t PDF Request
C250D6CUMMINS 3.25 t PDF Request


Brand: Genie

Power: 135 kW

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Brand: Cummins

Power: 80 kW

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Electric Generators?

They are electrical machines that transform mechanical energy into electrical energy. They consist of two main parts. A moving part called the rotor and a static part called the stator.

When one of the two parts is working, it generates a magnetic flux for the other to transform it into electricity. Its function is simple and it is about providing electricity in spaces where for different reasons there is no electricity available.

Electric generators are very useful on construction sites because they can bring power to places where it is not otherwise accessible. For example, they are indispensable in the construction of roads. This is because, in a large part of the project, there will be no way to obtain energy to use the tools and machinery necessary for the work.

How much does it cost to rent Electric Generators?

The cost of renting any electric generator will depend on your needs and if you are looking for it for a large work area or to provide electricity to a house. If you want to rent these machines you can do it with us, you just have to request a quote online, in this way, we can estimate the price of your requirement.

If you are interested in listing, you can do so through the Mateco assistant. It is a simple and intuitive tool. You just have to fill out a form with information such as: Make, model, power and your contact information. After you send your request, an advisor will contact you to attend to your specific requirements as soon as possible. 

We can help you choose the electric generator that best suits you, we advise you when you rent any of our machines.  Quote today according to your requirements.

What kind of Electric Generators do I need?

Electric generators are differentiated according to the type of current they produce. If we have to divide them into large groups, we can say that there are two: alternators and dynamos.

  • Alternators. They generate electricity in alternating current. The inductor element is the rotor and the armature is the stator. A great example of its use are the generators of power plants, which transform mechanical energy into alternating electricity.
  • Dynamos. They generate electricity in direct current. The inductor element is the stator, and the armature is the rotor. Its use is limited, but, previously, they were found, for example, in bicycle lights.

These two types of generators mentioned above are considered as “Mechanical Generators”. That is, they resort to mechanical energy to put the generator in operation. Therefore, they are the most common generators in the industrial sector and they are also the ones that present, in relation to the others, a higher energy transformation capacity. They are the most efficient and diversified machines despite the passage of time. 

Where are the Electric Generators connected?

Electric generators must always be connected to a specific ground for the generator. When this outlet does not exist, it must be created, for which an earth spike is used, driven into the ground, with an average separation of 10 to 15 meters from the house or construction site where the generator is required. 

What kind of Electric Generator is needed for a house?

Ideally, find a generator that has at least 4 kW of starting power. However, it must have between 3 and 3.5 kW of continuous power, in this way all electronic devices can be kept in operation.

Compared to construction sites, it takes much less capacity to generate electricity in a thing. Whereas, for a construction project, you will need an electric generator with a minimum capacity of 80 kw.