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Montacargas Diésel y GLP

Type Manufacturer Working Height Capacity Transport dimensions
maxmax Weight
8FGU25 TOYOTA 4.56 m 3.56 t 2500 kg Request
8FDU25TOYOTA 4.56 m 3.63 t 2500 kg PDF Request


Brand: Toyota

Working height: Up to 4.71 m.

Load capacity: Up to 226 kg

Price from: Request Quote

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Diesel and LPG Forklift?

A Diesel and LPG forklift is a work vehicle that is used to lift, transport and locate all types of loads and construction materials. It is called Diesel and LPG for its energy source, that is, the type of fuel that feeds it to function.

When it comes to LPG we talk about Liquefied Petroleum Gas. And it refers to forklifts powered by this gas that is stored in a small tank. Almost always, the LPG tank is located at the back of the forklift.

This type of forklift uses various energy sources depending on the model, that is, some require Diesel to work and others LP gas. This machine with Diesel and LPG characteristics is widely used at an industrial level. Above all, in sectors such as construction, mining, recycling, pharmacy, food, wood industry and much more.

How much does it cost to rent a Diesel and LPG Forklift?

The cost of a Diesel and LPG forklift will depend on certain factors to be determined. For example, you must consider the time for which you want to rent the machinery, the location and the number of forklifts you need.

Our rates can be set by the day, week or month. It all depends on your specific needs. If you are interested in renting a forklift with us, we invite you to request a quote, in this way you will be able to know the exact price at your request.

We have the mateco assistant at your disposal, through which you can fill out a simple form with the requested data and send it. The form is quite simple, you just have to tell us: height, load capacity, type of engine and of course, your contact information. In this way, one of our advisors will attend to your requirements as soon as possible.

Remember that we are here to help you and we can provide you with all the advice you need when renting any machinery. Quote today according to your requirements.

How does a Diesel and LPG Forklift work?

They are forklifts that do not need to be recharged (electrically) and that usually perform much better, at least in terms of speed, acceleration, operating averages.

Why are they called Diesel and LPG Forklifts?

Because they can use either of the two options as a power source, it will depend on the model that is available for rent. 

For their part, forklifts that use diesel as an energy source are exclusively for operation on smooth surfaces, specifically indoors, this is because they have load limitations. Whereas, an LP gas forklift will perform excellent both indoors and outdoors, regardless of weather conditions.

What kind of forklift do I need?

The type of forklift you need will depend on what you want to use this machine for. The most common types of forklifts to find are:

  • 4-wheel counterbalance forklift. The most common and simple, with forks or double rods at the front, lift very heavy loads. These can come in 3 types of power source. The electric ones, those that require Diesel and LPG. Capacities vary from 1.5 to 25 tons depending on the type of fuel with masts up to 7 m.
  • 3-wheel electric forklift. Physically it is the same as the 4-wheel forklift, although, on this model, the rear wheels fit in the center of the frame. In this way, the ability to swear is improved. They are ideal for workplaces with limited space. For example, warehouses with narrow aisles. 
  • Reach Trucks. Ideal for lifting loads up to 13 meters high. They are of great help in warehouses where the aisles are very high but very narrow. They can work in workplaces where the aisle distance ranges from 2.6 to 3 meters. The load capacity of these forklifts varies between 0.9 and 3.0 tons. They are only used indoors, and the surface must be smooth and flat.
  • Rough terrain forklift. Ideal for running on uneven terrain, gravel, muddy and slippery surfaces. Its main difference with a conventional forklift is that SUVs have suspension. 

What kind of fuel does a forklift use?

It will depend on the model. The most used forklifts have an internal combustion engine powered by different energy sources that can be: Gas, liquid oil, diesel fuel and compressed natural gas.