Are you looking for one-person electric platforms to rent? We have a solution for you. At mateco we have these platforms up to 10 meters in working height.

It is a type of machinery that is ideal for doing high-altitude work in schools, churches, medium-high buildings, and more.

We have the support and security that only Genie can offer its clients. Do not think twice, we can advise you in the search for the platform you need. Fill out the quote form and we will gladly attend to your request.

Plataformas unipersonales el├ęctricas

Type Manufacturer Working Height Capacity Transport dimensions
maxmax Weight
AWP-25S GENIE 9.57 m 330 kg 159 kg Request

Single Person Electric Platforms available for rent


Brand: Genie

Working height: Up to 9.57 meters

Load capacity: Up to 159 kg

Price from: Request a quote

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Single Person Electric Platform?

An electric one-person platform is equipment that will allow you to work at great heights. Its working capacity is designed for a single person. However, you can achieve versatility with this type of machine.

We offer single-person platforms that can reach a maximum height of 10 meters. Due to their reduced dimensions and low weight, they are ideal for delicate work in confined spaces. For example, they are very useful for maintaining facades.

These platforms are made of aluminum and are capable of going through any conventional door that is 2 meters high.

How much does it cost to rent a Single Person Electric Platform?

The rental price of electric single-person platforms will depend on the model and the time you need it. At mateco we handle daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly rentals, all of them adapted to your comfort and requirements.

The great advantage of renting one-person platforms with mateco is that we only work with the best brands on the market. This supports us and offers our clients certain security guarantees. To know the final price of your quote, you must fill out a form with the information of your request and some method of contact. Once you send the request, our advisors will contact you to help you rent the ideal machinery for you. 

When are Electric Single Person Platforms used?

This type of platform is used to carry out work outdoors located at high altitudes. Although, in buildings where the ceilings are high, they can also operate. Therefore, they are ideal for carrying out any repair and maintenance work. 

What obligations do you have when working with Electric Sole Person Platforms?

As with any heavy machinery, it should only be used by trained operators. In addition, the worker must always keep both feet inside the platform, use safety belts or properly anchored harnesses. The use of auxiliary elements to be placed on the platform and thus gain height is prohibited.

What type of Electric Single Person Platforms do I need?

There are several types of these platforms, but the best option for you and your business will depend on your specific needs. 

Some aspects that are key to consider before renting electric one-man platforms are:

  • Working height. You will need to know the maximum height you need to reach to choose the platform.
  • Load capacity. How much weight do you need to lift? 
  • Intended use. What type of work do I need the platform for?
  • Budget. How many days can I rent the machine?