Diesel Scissor Lifts

If you want to rent a Diesel scissor lift platform, in mateco you will have quick access to this machinery that can be fully adapted to your abilities. 

With this scissor lift you can lift a load of up to 680 kg and it is designed to reach a height of up to 15 metres. The models with diesel engine offer amplitude in the terrain area which makes it an ideal machine to carry out heavy works and to be found in difficult to reach areas.

Our platform lifts are from the GENIE GS 4390 RT brand, which is considered one of the best on the market. Request a rental quote without obligation!

Type Manufacturer Working Height Capacity Transport dimensions
maxmax Height Weight
GS-4390 RTGENIE 14.75 m 680 kg 1.80 m 5849 kg PDF Request

Diesel Scissor Lifts Available for Rent


  • Brand: Genie
  • Working height: Up to 14.75 meters
  • Load capacity: Up to 680 kg
  • Price from: Request Quote

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a Diesel Scissor Lift?

To find out how much it costs to rent a diesel scissor lift you must take into account that the prices are determined by the time in which you plan to rent, location and the number of machines. In addition, your rates can be established by day, week or month.

If you are interested in renting a scissor lift you must request a quote to find out the exact price for your requirement. You can do it through the mateco assistant where you must fill in all the requested information and send the form so that one of our advisors can meet your requirements quickly.

What is a Diesel Scissor Lift?

The scissor lift is a heavy machine that can adapt to any type of terrain and reach great heights vertically. Its upper platform allows the worker to move comfortably and at the same time place their work materials comfortably and safely. 

How does a Diesel Scissor Lift work?

The scissor lift has a very simple functionality, it has a scissor-shaped lifting mechanism that opens and closes by sections, in addition, to support the heavy load, it uses a hydraulic system that allows the lifting and lowering of the platform in a safe and controlled manner.

For example: When the operator is in the machine with all his work equipment, the hydraulic pump is activated and begins to push the cylinders that allow the elevation of the platform to the desired height, placing the safety valve to avoid let it go down.

When returning to the ground, the valve is deactivated and the scissor mechanism closes in a controlled manner. 

What type of Scissor Lift do I need?

Currently, you can find two types of scissor lifts but each of them has specific characteristics and uses. 

  • Diesel scissor lifts. It has a diesel-powered self-propulsion system. It stands out for having great stability and resistance capacity, since it can support operators, tools and materials. It is considered as an advanced platform lift that can adapt to any type of terrain.
  • Electric scissor lifts. They are mostly used for maintenance work in closed spaces. It is an efficient machine for work in narrow spaces that require unobstructed lifting and need to accommodate large amounts of material.

How many kilos can a scissor lift support?

The scissor lift has a weight that can range from 200 kg to 1,000 kilograms

Where can a diesel scissor lift be used?

The uses of this scissor lift are carried out outdoors, carrying out work that includes:

  • Construction of industrial buildings.
  • Industrial installation and maintenance.
  • Waterproofing and cleaning of facades.
  • Assembly of covers.
  • Restorations.

What is the difference between a scissor lift and an articulated lift?

The scissor lift canonly be raised verticallyand the articulated ones canmove vertically and horizontally.